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VII [voice]

[ Filtered to VII Radio Ops | Hackable ]

Ah, pardon this sudden notice, Mr. Uchichia, Mr. Agatsuma. Mine name is Matilda Wormwood and I'm onboard the Victoria. I was wondering if perhaps either of you had any material that you could lend me so I can learn how to use these communicators better. Unfortunately I never had any instruction on them and so they are still a bit of a mystery to me.

[ End Filter ]

VI | [voice]

...t-theres this really strange person following me on the ship. It...she just keeps saying Jinx and won't leave me alone. Is this a new crew member or something? She's dressed awfully inappropriately and wearing a lot of make up

[ooc: public. Matilda is being stalked by a Jinx]


[ Filtered to Edgeworth | Hackable ]

[ Her tone is very hesitant ]

Excuse me, Mr. Edgeworth? Are you going to be going out on the investigation?

[ End Filter ]


[[ooc: note that the history books Matilda probably read were incredibly biased (being written by Ivonians), so something things may not be exactly as they are in the history given on the profile]]

A bit ago I was given the assignment of reading two history books, and taking note of any contradictions or inaccuracies that they seemed to hold. I am done, and found a number of them, but a couple in particular stood out to me, and made me ask some questions that I was curious to hear the opinions of others on.

Question I

One history book vaguely talked about us coming from some other land below that may still exist, and may still have some life on it. The other made the claim of there being nothing but an expanse of water, which seems a little ludicrous to me. I mean, the whole idea of any body of water being as big, or bigger than Reial seems pretty ridiculous, but even if it is possible how on earth did we manage to get here?

What do you think? It's not a question anyone can correctly answer, I suppose, but it'd be interesting to see what kinds of ideas people have in mind.

Question II

This wasn't a particularly big one; just different ideas on when exactly Vohemar broke off. It made me think a little more about that, and made me wonder what it really means in the end. Was it a good thing that Vohemar broke away? It seems a little weird to me to have this distinction when really they were Ivonians who simply didn't want to adhere to the requests of their country once they colonized there. Would we have been better united? Or are things better as they are now?

Question III

Going off that previous question, how can two places that originated from one have such differing ideas of justice? Do we really lack a systematic definition of Just, and simply live by opinion? How else could things become so nebulous. Reial really isn't all that big when you think about it, 500 years really isn't that long in the grand scheme of things...so why? What do you think, and what do you think it means to be just.

...I have a lot of others, but I suppose those are pretty big things to tackle so that's it for now.


--- > Filtered to the Victoria II < ---

Well I'm glad that's all over...but a lot of people got hurt. If there's anything I can do to help around, please let me know!

--- > End Filter to Victoria II < ---

--- > Filtered to Sho and Medusa < ---

Thank you for allowing me to help the two of you, but please don't tell anyone of my involvement or, um. My abilities. I was told I really shouldn't tell anyone...

--- > End Filter to Sho and Medusa < ---


--- > Filtered to the Victoria II < ---

Well when the Academy said they wanted to...keep me safe...I never imagined they would send me to the Victoria II.

I'm suppose to introduce myself, so, uh. Hi I guess. I will be residing on this ship until further notice, and will do my help in what I can, or at least stay out of the way.

My name is Matilda, it's nice to meet you all.


Do any of you have any good books you would be willing to lend me?

--- > End Filter < ---

[ooc: hope you don't mind me going ahead and introducing her, neb, im still up to doing our log of her first coming on board but I've been itching to get her interacting. and if anyone wants to make the connection of  'the big commotion' an unidentified student at the academy made to matilda, feel free to~]


--- > Private | Hackable (she's still learning) < ----

Professor Coelho gave me this journal. I've seen a lot of people with them, but was never really interested in having one for myself. He wants me to start writing in it though, and writing down everything I think and do so that they can get a proper 'analysis'. He was always nice to me, but I guess. I don't know. It's not that he's being mean or anything now, but I guess I just feel a little hurt that people have been treating me differently since then. I'm going to be leaving soon for, wherever it is they decided they wanted to stick me. I'm not even sure where.

I'm going to miss this place. It's been my home for about four years, and more of a home than my 'real' home was.

But still. With yet another Lunansa going on I can't help but wonder how mum, daddy, and my brother are doing.

I suppose I can think of this journal as a Lunansa gift? It'll be my first. It's something.

--- > End Private < ---

000 C - Matilda's Knowledge



Matilda is one of those people who reads and memorizes almost every single thing she can get her hands on. So she probably has read about your characters, particularly if they are pretty prestigious figures or have had great accomplishments, been in the paper, whatever!

So please comment here with what she is allowed to know about your characters. If you'd prefer her not to know anything, please comment saying that as well so I don't encroach on any unwanted territory.

Thanks a bunch~ Love you guys.


000 B - Crit Post


Have suggestions or a concern with my Matilda? Please let me know!


000 - Biography


Canon Character and Series: Matilda / Matilda by Roald Dahl
In-Game Name: Matilda Wormwood
Age: 12
Gender: Female
Position & Ship: Victoria II / Passenger



Matilda Wormwood

Latest Month

March 2009